Based on a geometric design that incorporates equilateral triangles as the basis for constructing a multi faceted sphere that has the capacity to be manufactured as a tiny jewelry item or a huge steel sculpture. See Menagé page

Fine silver has been cut, drilled and polished by hand, the images were added, the surface sealed then bent to the correct angle and joined together using miniatures gold plated nuts bolts and washers.

Sphere 2000
5 x 20 faceted spheres
fine silver, gold plated nuts bolts and washers, images
5 x lightboxes
each 6cm sphere

Third prize in the Art and Sport 2000 Olympic Competition.

The series of five spheres were exhibited at the Olympic Museum in Switzerland and then at David Jones, Sydney, during the XXVII Olympic Games.

Collected by the International Olympic Committee. Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland

The exhibition catalogue: Art & Sport 2000 is available at The Olympic Museum bookshop.

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