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Deborah Clare Veronica West


Deborah West

Life is never as you expect it to be, you are born, not your choice, life was thrust upon you, you do your best, you grow up your belief systems in respect to you life and actions are carefull nurtured by those aroung you, you call mother and opps father, strike that out no father, mother, at any rate you beleive in justice and fairnes, experience the opposite over and over and over again, how do you still continue to believe? expect the worst acept it, but allas there is worse to come, then worse, everyon tells you the worst os over, how can it get any works than it is, I dont know, lifes hardest taskmasters find another way to push you to the limit, then further and further and further away from all that you loved and treasured until you know longer know, any this except the worst.----


Lace Exhibition 2011-2013

Powerhouse Museum

Travelling Exhibition


BufferZone 2011

Watermark: HMAS Adelaide - sleeping with the fishes - Video

Fog #1, #2, #3, Photographic series - Australia Day 5am Middle Harbour 2011

from a series of photographs depicting Middle Harbour from my 11 ft tinny.

Armory Gallery

Sydney Olympic Park


Art and About - Sydney Life 2010

Sydney Harbour Sunday - Photograph 3 x 4mt

Sydney Harbour Sunday is from a series of photographs depicting Sydeny Harbour from my 11 ft tinny as I pursue two of my passions, fishing and photography.

Hyde Park Sydney


Sighting the Whale

The Squid and the Whale

Mosman Gallery 2008

This artwork Exhibitionxxx

The exhibition


Prax-is 2008

Discard and Continuum 2008

This artwork reflects the hours of time spent on the water in search of fish and Photographic subjects.

Sydney Harbour Series - After Magrite


4th Internation Conference on Memory

This art Exhibition will support a major scientific conference at the Scientica Building at the University of New South Wales, to be opened by the Vice Chancellor on Sunday 16 July at 6pm. The exhibition will be on display until Friday 21 July when the 4th International Conference on Memory closes (ICOM-4). The conference has 700 delegates attending, and 10 keynote speakers including Professor Daniel Schacter, author of Searching for Memory, from Harvard University.

The exhibition will feature the work of Associate Professor Emma Robertson, Dr Vaughan Rees, Maria Kontis, Jennifer New, John Latour, Pamela Castillo, Ede Horton, Deborah west and other selected artists. It will show some of the ways that artists record and render memories in their artistic practice, and will feature reproductions of completed artworks on the theme of memory, as well as sketchbooks which show working processes.

Prax-is 2006

7th Annual Technical General and Campus Art Store Exhibition was held at Kudos gallery in March 2006. This exhibition was organised as a means to showcase the talents of the Technical General and Campus art store staff from the College of Fine Arts.



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