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Sydney Harbour Sunday

There are few natural harbours in the world, which can rival Sydney Harbour in its size, protection in all weather, depth, and ease of access and navigation. Sydney Harbour Sunday is from a series of photographs depicting Sydeny Harbour from my 11 ft tinny as I pursue two of my passions, fishing and photography.

'Sydney Harbour Sunday' photograph by Deborah West

'Sydney Harbour Welcoming Jessica' photograph by Deborah West

Deborah West in her tinny catching Sydney Harbour Kingfish photograph by Craig McGill Fishabout Tours

Art and Design

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Deborah Clare Veronica West is a Sydney-based artist whose practice spans design, performance, installation, sculpture and photomedia. Concepts of femininity, repetition and patterning, both in fabricated objects and the natural world, are recurrent themes in her work.

Over the last decade West’s work has been included in exhibitions around Australia, most notably the prestigious NSW Travelling Art Scholarship, Australian Perspecta, the National Design Awards and Sculpture by the Sea. She won the UNSW Union Art Competition in 1997 for photography and again in 1999 for sculpture. She won the National Tertiary Art Prize for 3D work in 1999. Came third in the 2000 IOC International Olympic Art and Sport Competition and was awarded a studio residency at Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, in 2001. West held a solo exhibition at Sydney’s Ivan Dougherty Gallery in 2003 and was that year awarded a Master of Fine Arts from UNSW. In 2005 her work was reviewed in Cream, one of Australia’s leading cultural magazines.

Text by Felicity Fenner

Cream Article


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